What we do


To stay competitive in the dynamic environment of African economies, our clients must always think ahead. AFG empowers clients with proven practices and sustainable strategies that deliver tangible results and add value to their businesses.

Our strategies are intended to support businesses to grow sustainably:

  1. Business Plan Development: We help new ventures develop a business plan that will compel potential investors to line up at your door – a plan that is designed for growth.
  2. Organisational Restructuring: We tailor organisation framework and execute change management plan as per the changing business environment while maintaining business continuity and performance.
  3. Market Entry Strategy: We help by providing specific market knowledge and overcoming hurdles that are common to new markets, such as cultural differences, language barriers, legal requirements, compliance and more.
  4. Business Turnaround: We help businesses develop a specific turnaround plan that gets them through the financial instabilities and revitalize their operations.
  5. Digital Transformation: We believe that technology is a key component of business and therefore devise comprehensive strategies to facilitate digital transformation.
  6. Route-to-Market Design: We develop methodologies that help clients promote brand awareness, engage with the potential buyer and uncover active market opportunities to increase sales and profits.
  7. Social Impact Story lining: We work closely with your business to deliver positive social impact and manage your online reputation through shareworthy business stories.
  8. Investment Strategy: We formulate investment strategies to help clients capitalize on current opportunities and grow equity and generate funding for their business.
  9. Commercial Due Diligence Support: We help companies minimize risk by increasing their confidence in their decisions and avoiding surprises with comprehensive strategic and financial assessment of targets.