What we do


We offer comprehensive and world-class mixed-method research approaches that are particularly useful for market sizing, competition analysis as well as business development.

Our competencies in this regard include:

  1. Market Sizing: We help companies understand the potential of a market by analyzing different data sources and studying industry trends and competition.
  2. Primary Data Collection and Enumeration: We collect reliable data, through interviews and surveys, to obtain the information required for business planning.
  3. Sector Studies: We analyse sector trends to help companies efficiently address sector challenges, and design strategies to capitalize on those opportunities.
  4. Investment Target Scouting: We help companies directly approach investors or potential takeover candidates to support their investment strategies and fulfill their financial goals.
  5. Focus Group Organization and Facilitation: We help organize and facilitate focus groups that can be used to draw out new ideas or perspectives for your business and improve the effectiveness of your products or services.